Effective Up-To-Date Emergency, Management Emergency Response and Safety Training


First On Compliance is committed to saving lives and protecting businesses by providing the most effective and up-to-date environmental, health and safety training and consulting services.


With the diversity and experience of our expert Associates the First On Compliance team, is dedicated to providing our clients with; high-quality; cost effective; expert consultation; covering emergency response, management and safety related training programs; capability to comply with federal, state and local regulations over a full spectrum of emergency response disciplines.


Our goal is to bridge the gap between response agencies and any First On Compliance client who has the potential for interacting with them. This is achieved by providing relevant and current Emergency Response and Preparedness services and by acting as a liaison between clients and the local response agencies.

Unique Services

David Ofwono
David Ofwono
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First On Compliance, Inc., is dedicated in providing safety and preparedness training for all types of emergency/disaster scenarios. We service, communities, small and medium businesses, large corporations and government organizations. First On Compliance provides hands-on preparedness training, expert consultation, Emergency Response training, assessment of written Emergency Preparedness Plans, to meet mandatory regulations concerning hazardous materials, and OSHA compliance. We also provide Management and Emergency Responders with the required training to be able to respond whether or not the event is accidental or intentional. First On Compliance specializes in OSHA, NFPA, CFR, DOD, DHS, and State, local and organizational regulatory requirements.

Dedicated in providing up-to-date, realistic training, First On Compliance is here to help you prepare for potentially catastrophic events where your first response could mean the critical difference for both survival and rapid recovery. Our on-site consulting will provide the knowledge that not only helps prevent accidents but improves your response and recovery procedures as well. We are dedicated in providing quality training and consultation services that satisfy regulatory requirements and meet the unique needs of our clients.

Minimizing the losses in regards to your organization and assisting in preparing you with today's litigious, media-driven environment is also an important factor. We offer a wide range of courses taught by quality instructors with extensive experience. Each of the courses is described in more detail throughout this web site. We can customize many of our courses and bring them together with realistic hands-on scenarios that make our training relevant by addressing specific company concerns and hazards.

Our training and consulting service is highly cost-effective. First On Compliance has helped many organizations by training their employees to provide life-saving first response to on-the-job injuries, employee medical emergencies and other workplace emergencies. The goal is to create an effective safety program that results in a safer workplace; greater protection of life, property and the environment; reduced liability, and quicker business recovery if a problem does occur.

Whether it's a chemical spill, a flood, earthquake, hurricane, accident or even an act of sabotage or terrorism, you have to be ready to respond - quickly, decisively, and knowledgeably. Being prepared to deal with emergencies is critical to minimize the loss of life, damage to your facility and the environment and will help minimize stress in situations where every action is scrutinized and physical losses are often surpassed by legal claims and negative publicity.

The proliferation of legislation in the United States at a local, state and federal level places an increasing burden on companies to manage the way they do business, First On Compliance is geared towards providing customized tools and cost effective methods toward developing, implementing and maintaining programs that meet, and in most cases exceed, your requirements.

In today's environment, safety is achieved through preparedness!

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