"First on Compliance went above and beyond our expectations and we have been recommending them to everyone we know ever since."
- Jimmy and Danny Felix,
Los Banos Collision Center
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Effective Up-To-Date Emergency, Management Emergency Response and Safety Training
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Hazmat Emergency Response
Hazmat Emergency Response training includes First Responders at the Awareness Level up to the Specialist Level, encompassing Incident Commander, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Crime Scene Preservation, and Health Care / Hospital Operations. Some of this training can be funded by various grants.
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Emergency Management
Emergency management covers four phases: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Response and recovery activities occur before, during, and after an emergency or disaster has occurred.
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First On Compliance offers safety courses that are mandated by OSHA and various other regulatory agencies, and they cover a wide range of topics.
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David Ofwono
Photo courtesy: Robert Eplett
In The News:

David Ofwono of First on Compliance is awarded the 2012 California Hazmat Instructor of the year by the State Fire Marshall's Office and the California Emergency Management Agency/ CSTI at the Continuing Challenge.


The way this nation prepares for and responds to domestic incidents has changed. The National Incident Management System, (NIMS) incorporates many existing best practices into a comprehensive national approach to domestic incident management, applicable at all jurisdictional levels and across all functional disciplines.

The potential for a crime being committed on company property using hazardous materials is a growing concern for organizations around the world. First On Compliance, not only addresses mandatory training requirements to ensure compliance with current OSHA regulations, we also provide Management and Emergency Responders with the required training to be able to continue to respond whether the event is accidental or intentional. We provide you with current, up to date training so that you are able to coordinate with the response system that will arrive at your facility.

Private companies and industrial facilities train their employees to meet mandatory OSHA requirements and regulations concerning hazardous materials, and no more. The typical Emergency Response Team is only trained to comply with current regulations. If your facility has an event that is deemed to be intentional, the entire response to your facility will be based on NIMS. Law enforcement, fire fighters and government agencies will arrive at your facility. EVERYONE has been trained in NIMS.

If your response team has not been trained in NIMS, crime scene preservation, or the National Response Framework (NRF), the arriving responders will not allow you to participate in the response activities that will enable you to protect your own business interests! Taking care of your own Hazmat events so that you can protect your own proprietary processes is very important to many businesses. more >>

Why First On Compliance?

We customize each training program by gathering and evaluating client specific information such as, emergency response plans, company safety policies, and standard operating procedures. This includes reviewing all related forms, manuals, location and equipment. Doing so ensures that each of our clients receives the most compliant and comprehensive training available.

We help you to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by providing the latest regulatory information available. We cover the following areas:

  • Safety
  • Emergency Response
  • Emergency Management
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